this song is about all the secrets one can never reveal to another person. Darkness, loneliness, depression, nightmares, and fears.


A single hollowed soul is fractured
It creates its own disasters
A pointless blade dulled by its hate
Push the levees till the break

Im hiding in my shadows
Im walking in my shadows
Im hiding in my shadows
Im walking in my shadows

The broken pieces lying under
These eyes have seen what lies beyond here
Shifting faces endlessly
A heart so heavy he cant breathe

I lie inside my shadows
I hide behind these walls
Im hiding in my shadows
Confiding in these walls

A single fragile heart is open
A growing mind thats finally broken
Crooked eyes run side by side
Revealing something dark inside

I hide behind my shadows
Confiding in these halls
Im fighting all my shadows
Clawing at these walls
I lost myself in my shadows
This skin has withered off
Alone with my shadows
Alone i am lost
Alone i am lost



from Darker Things, released September 21, 2016



all rights reserved


Seven Days Rest New Mexico

Hailing from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Seven Days Rest embraces a style that combines the sounds of metal, hard rock, and pyschedelic rock. Using a variety of sweeping guitar riffs, heavy bass driven choruses, and encompassing harmonies that flow like waterfalls. After gaining successful radio play from several singles, Seven Days Rest began recording their debut album Mariposa ... more

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